The Busan MICE industry’s strategy to overcome COVID-19
The Busan MICE industry’s
strategy to overcome COVID-19
  Busan's MICE industries received a big blow due to the global spread of COVID-19. According to a survey from Busan based on 175 MICE-related companies, 50% of companies that have faced damages expect a more than 80% decrease in sales from the average year. This tragedy is due to events being canceled or delayed one by one. MICE industries around the globe received the first blow but always got back up.

 Busan is no exception to crisis and the MICE industries need direct and indirect help for a successful recovery. In response, Busan assessed industry's damages, accepted suggestions, and made different support plans accordingly since February. At a time like this, proper crisis management must be implemented to stand out as a MICE city that people would like to visit after COVID-19. Here's how MICE industries in Busan is overcoming COVID-19.


Busan Tourism Organization
“Let's overcome this crisis by supporting local companies during MICE events!”
  First, the Busan Tourism Organization is launching new campaigns and support projects to overcome the difficulties caused by COVID-19. The following three steps have been developed after carefully considering the domestic and international situation and will be implemented in 2020.
Post COVID-19
Response Strategy

Step 1.

Increase promotions: Reduce any negative image by building trust and content!
① Increase promotions for MICE city Busan
③ Renew promotion proposal and distribute online

Step 2.

Mutual Industry Benefits: Prepare a reformation by supporting mutual benefits within the MICE industry!
① Double the funding for 2020 International Conference in Busan
② Provide support for COVID-19 related meetings and incentives
③ Provide support for joint marketing expenses for international exhibitions and roadshows
④ Provide quarantine products to support business

Step 3.

Campaign: Recover the MICE industry through global campaigns!
① Eco-friendly campaign for a sustainable MICE industry
② International Conference Complex selection promotion campaign
③ Develop the Busan representative B-MICE convention contents
Support for COVID-19-related
meetings and incentives
Support for COVID-19-related meetings and incentives
  From April to June, the Busan Tourism Organization will provide support added to preexisting support to revitalize the local MICE industry. The additional support has been initially approved for the two-month period with the possibility of an extension, pending a review at a later date.

 The Busan Tourism Organization has also adopted three strategies to revitalize the local industry. First, 10% of the support provided for meetings and incentives will be allocated to travel agencies in Busan through the implementation of a 'regional quota.' The standards for regional agencies will also be lowered to 2 nights per 10 people, and additional MICE-related commemorative items will be provided. Second, in order to promote networking within the MICE industry, support fees will be increased by 50% for events involving 3 or more MICE Alliance member companies. Finally, a Meeting and Incentive Fund will be established to support events hosted by domestic companies.


The Busan city government & The Busan Economic Promotion Agency
“Alleviate damages made by COVID-19 by providing direct support funds!”
Support MICE event “2020 4th Industrial
Revolution Busan MICE Small Business Development Project”
Support MICE event “2020 4th Industrial Revolution
Busan MICE Small Business Development Project”
 The Busan city government and the Busan Economic Promotion Agency are directly supporting inevitable fees that occur during events due to the COVID-19 crisis. First, performance guarantee insurance fee (paid in advance), event cancellation fee, and dispute fees are supported up to 1,500,000 won. In addition, quarantine product fees are supported up to 2,000,000 won to prepare thermal cameras, event hall disinfection, and disinfectants within the event. Busan is supporting 24 public and private conferences with 958 million won so the local MICE industry successfully holds their events this year.
 In the midst of COVID-19, Busan is still striving for the growth of the MICE industry. Busan will be here after the crisis as the city great for MICE.